I would consider myself pretty well rounded in the makeup world. I have tried a variety of products, ranging in any aspect of the makeup application process. I believe over the years I have developed knowledge of different makeup products and ones that work the best for me and my skin type. I have pretty normal skin throughout the year- except during the winter months when I tend to get a bit dry. (CAN WE TAKE A SECOND AND APPRECIATE THE COLD WEATHER THOUGH. THE OUTFIT SELECTIONS FOR THIS SEASON ARE TO DIE FOR!)

Tonight I decided to tell you all a little bit about my go-to foundations & the pros and cons of each one. If you have any questions/comments, you can reach me using the contact tab in the menu bar. Don’t forget to visit my social media links & follow this blog for more posts like this! I have really good posts coming yall. ♥


5. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear 

IMG_3275This has become a staple foundation of mine for the obvious reasons: SPF 15 and the finish. This foundation leaves the skin looking healthy and natural. Although this foundation is medium-full coverage, I find that I can only build it up to medium coverage. Still, the coverage is just enough to even the skin tone and provide amazing results. The best part: it is oil-free for those who tend to be more on the oily side and it has a range of 35 shades so it is easy to find the perfect shade for you! The only con besides the price, at a hefty $47, is the longevity. It claims to last 24 hours but I find myself touching up throughout the day. Because that isn’t necessarily a huge issue to me, I still find myself reaching for it often. You can buy this product by clicking here.

my shade: 410 BIS W

4. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick

IMG_3264This foundation stick was my ride-or-die foundation for about 7 months. With amazing, buildable coverage, it is perfect for anyone with normal to mildly dry skin. I found that it sometimes did cling to some dry patches on my face, but nothing a good primer can’t take care of. This foundation is perfect for those who want their makeup looking bomb in photos (which I’m sure is us all). With 20 shades,  it has a wide enough selection for you to find your perfect match. The cons I find with this product are the price, once again at a hefty $43, and the longevity. When set with a good powder, this foundation will last you a while, but it often slips off the skin without the proper priming and setting techniques. You can buy this product by clicking here.

my shade: 153 Y405 Golden Honey

3. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation

IMG_3284Yes, we are all aware of the hype of this product, and I can tell you-you will not be disappointed. This medium coverage foundation is perfect for any skin type, as it is oil-free and not too drying. With the price point being on the lower side of high-end products at $34, this foundation is a steal! The finish on this foundation is amazing, as it leaves your skin looking smooth and poreless. This foundation lasts for the whole day with proper setting techniques and with 40 (YES FORTY) shades, there is no excuse why your perfect shade cannot be found. The only negative comment I have to say about this foundation is its wear time is not as long as I would like, and it tends to be a bit cakey depending on the applicator you use. I recommend a brush over a beauty blender for this foundation. You can purchase this product by clicking here.

my shade: 31

2.  Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation

IMG_3247For all my drugstore followers, this one is for you. THIS IS A PERFECT FOUNDATION. This foundation is amazing, and at such a low price point ($5.99!!), it is a major steal. This foundation provides amazing, amazing coverage. It is buildable and performs just like (sometimes better) high-end foundations. With this foundation, you can ignore cost over quality because GIRL, let me tell you this is my number 2 foundation for a reason. The finish is gorgeous, and it makes you definitely camera-ready. The only cons I can point out are the smell- as it literally smells like paint, and the applicator. There are 20 shades in this foundation, although most drugstores only contain a limited amount of shades. I highly recommend this product if you have not tried it. You can purchase this product by clicking here.

my shade: Golden Beige (too light for me at the moment)

  1. Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick

imageNow for my ultimate foundation, the Hourglass foundation stick. I am so in love with this product, as I can build it up to be full- but not heavy coverage. The finish on this product is seamless. I believe it is perfect for most skin types, as it applies smoothly and effortlessly. I find it to be extremely long-wearing and comfortable on the skin. At $46, this foundation may hold a high price point, but the results are beyond my expectations. By far, this is the best foundation I have ever tried as it stays on all day, even on the stubborn parts of my face (AKA MY NOSE). With a range of 26 shades, you are able to find the right shade for you. This applies wonderfully with a flattop brush in comparison to a beauty blender though, as it will help you conserve your product and give you the fullest coverage. If interested, you can purchase this product by clicking here.

my shade: Warm Beige

Because not every foundation works the same for everyone, I encourage you to try out different products to find out what works best for you. Although these products might work miracles for me, unfortunately, it does not mean they will always work for you. BUT THEY MIGHT! I hope my opinions help guide you in a direction that will result in a perfect foundation match. Like I said, If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me. I love you all. ♥

Stay Golden,

xo Kels



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