Every season new makeup comes out, and it seems as if I never have enough time to fully review every product or buy everything. I remember being a little girl, and how small the makeup community was. The beauty community has GROWN so much in the past years, and I am so happy to be apart of this movement. I personally strive to make everyone feel beautiful in their own skin, and I love makeup for that very reason. I gathered 7 products that I hope to get my hands on soon, everything from brow products to primers. I hope this wishlist inspires your own.


1. Morphe’s 35B Color Glam Palette


CAN WE JUST TAKE A SECOND TO ADMIRE HOW MUCH MORPHE HAS GROWN AS A COMPANY! From their new packaging to new products, morphe is killing the game. This is a palette that I have been wanting since their well-known 35O palettes. Unfortunately, because of the high demand this palette has, it is almost always out of stock. The color payoff is amazing, and the shadows are creamy and very consistent. This needs to be in my makeup collection very soon. (buy here)

2. Juvia’s Place- The Zulu Eyeshadow Palette 


I have seen people rave over the pigment in this palette. This limited edition palette has 9 unique shades at only $21.50! (BTW IT IS ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR $18.50! PURCHASE HERE!!) Because I have never tried anything from this brand, I am so eager to have this. I have seen so many great reviews on it, so I am positive it has to be a staple in a makeup collection.

3. Benefit Cosmetic’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil 


Benefit has some pretty good mascaras, by far one of my favorites is the “they’re real”. I have been a long time- dedicated– user of Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products. (I LOVE THE DIPBROW POMADE AND THE BROW WIZ!) But I tried this product on my eyebrows at an Ulta recently, and I fell in love with it. At only $24 you can achieve perfect brows, which is something I need. Please, benefit, get in my makeup box. (buy here)

4. Stila’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow’s


I WANT THEM ALL. These swatched on my arm did not do them justice. They are gorgeous, especially the shade Kitten Karma. I’m ashamed that I did not purchase one when I had the chance. They look stunning on the eyelid and inner corner. They are perfect for any eye look, whether you’re going for something more subtle or full glam. If you buy one, make sure to buy one for me too- because girl, this is a makeup product that I’m extremely eager to have. (buy here)

5. Drunk Elephant’s Beste™ Jelly Cleanser


This product is definitely a major want of mine. I’ve been getting more into skincare lately and making my skin look hydrated and even. On a trip to Sephora, a MUA used this on my face, and I was LIVING for it. It smells wonderful, feels wonderful, and does its job. (purchase here)

6. Hourglass’ Veil Mineral Primer


Makeup primer has always been an essential in my makeup application process. Because my favorite foundation is hands-down the Hourglass foundation stick, I’m eager to test out their primer for it. Has anyone tried this? Please let me know your comments! (buy here)

7. Ofra Cosmetics’ Nikkietutorials Everglow Highlighter


Lastly, I am a huge youtube fanatic. Nikkie is my all-time favorite makeup guru, and I am so eager to try this collaboration she had with Ofra. I have seen her use this, and (with lack of better words), I am shook. This highlighter is blinding. Every gal needs a poppin’ highlighter, (hey babe… I need this). You can buy this here.


Alright, that’s a wrap. I hope you all have a wonderful day or night, wherever you may be. Let me know if you have tried any of these products, or have new products that I should get my hands on!


Stay golden yall,

Kels ♥


3 thoughts on “MY MAKEUP WISHLIST

    1. Personally I think it’s an amazing thing. So many people are interested in makeup and beauty & I think it’s so positive and encouraging for everyone. If it makes people feel more confident, I don’t see why people judge it so often.

      Also, girl I know! I’ve been wanting that palette for soooo long!


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