I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I hate being scared, so haunted houses are a no go for me. I also am terrified of anything scary, and I get the chills watching scary movies. Even though I tell myself I would survive a zombie apocalypse, I probably wouldn’t. Would you?

Because I was not planning on dressing up this year, I put together this costume quickly and on a budget! I’m here to show you the makeup process and my outfit. I hope you all had an amazing Halloween night!



Starting off with a clean face, I first prepped and primed my face, as well as filled in my brows. For my brows, I used my tried & true Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and cleaned them up with some Tarte Shapetape concealer. To prep my face, I used some Mario Badescu Rosewater for some added hydration, some clean & clear advantage acne spot treatment to give some past problem areas added protection, nyx pore-filler primer, and (the best) Josie Maran argan moonstone drops for some extra dewiness.

Now that my skin is ready for some makeup, I am going in with my Hourglass foundation stick, as well as some Fenty beauty foundation. This is a gorgeous combination. It offers amazing coverage and a beautiful porcelain finish. I highly, highly recommend this foundation routine to you all!

Next, I added some undereye concealer, with- you guessed it- my shapetape concealer. I went ahead and set it with some Coty Airspun powder. While my undereye was setting, I set the remainder of my face with my lovely Kat Von D Powder Lock it Foundation. (Makeup tip of the day: Setting your face is the key to making your makeup last all day!) Once my face was set, I brushed off the undereye powder and began the contouring/bronzing process. Today I used a Wet n Wild bronzer (740- Bikini Contest), along with 2 Too Faced bronzers (Milk Chocolate Soleil & Snow Bunny). I added some blush by Wet n Wild (Fantastic Plastic Pink), and grabbed my handy beauty blender and carved out those cheekbones with some Airspun powder. I made this line as straight as possible and allowed my powder to bake for 10 minutes before removing it.


NEXT STEP: HIGHLIGHT! After I removed the excess powder, I went in with some Laura Geller highlighter in Gilded Honey, along with 2 highlighter shades from the Carli Bybel palette. After one layer of highlighter was added, I spritzed my face with some rosewater to enhance the intensity of the highlight and went in with a second layer. I also made sure to add some highlight to my collarbones and shoulders.

Finally, I added some color to my lids using my Morphe 35OM Palette, and two shimmer shades from the Carli Bybel palette. I focused on mainly using the dark reds and oranges on the inner corner and outer corner of my eyelid. While I focused on keeping the shimmer shades on the center of my lid. I added some Maybelline Colossal mascara, and a combination of two MAC lipsticks (Taupe & Velvet Teddy). Lastly, I set my face once again with some rosewater, and pressed it onto my face with a dampened beauty blender- this is going to bring life back to your face, and take away some of the powderiness. And wala, we are done.



Like I said, this was a last minute decision, so I searched for the easiest costume. I went to my local Halloween store and picked up some glasses, and a cute headband. I made a quick stop and Forever 21 for my outfit, and bam- I became a hippie.



I think I can successfully say I mastered Halloween on a budget. The most expensive item was my dress at $14.50. The grand total for all of these items was around $30. Let me know in the comments who you dressed up as! Hope everyone is staying safe!

Happy Halloween Queens,

xo Kels ♥


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