IT IS ALMOST CHRISTMAS! (yes- I am skipping Thanksgiving, and going straight to Christmas) I researched some Morphe brushes that we all need in our collection- whether you’re giving them as gifts.. or to yourself- it’s worth knowing some good ones! I hope you all enjoy this post; make sure to follow this blog, I have exciting things coming! ♥

To start this off, let me do a mini comparison of synthetic brushes vs natural brushes, so you guys are aware of the differences and how each performs.


  • man-made from synthetic fibers
  • perfect for liquid or cream products
  • will not “trap” makeup in the brush


  • made from various animal hair (can be cruelty-free)
  • amazing for powder products
  • adds more texture and blends effortlessly and beautifully

Personally, I have both natural and synthetic brushes, and I love them equally. I think each type of brush works in different ways and has different results. Makeup is all about trial and error, so I suggest you try as you go, but hopefully, these suggestions make your decision a bit easier.

  1. Y6- Pro Flat Buffer

Y6_web_largePRICE: $10

This is a perfect synthetic brush. (also it’s gold and what’s better than that) This blends out liquid foundation wonderfully and provides maximum coverage.

perfect for those who want a flawless base




2. M421- Mini Concealer

M421SMALL_largePRICE: $3.50

Another synthetic brush for the win. This is great for perfecting your brows or creating a cut crease.

a necessity for y’all who love concealing and perfecting




3.  Y11- Deluxe Pointed Contour

Y11_web_largePRICE: $8

This brush is amazing for contour and under-eye powder. The synthetic bristles allow for the powder to blend nicely on top of cream products.

if you’re a contour queen, you need this




4. R36- Pointed Highlight

R36-web_largePRICE: $8

THIS IS THE HIGHLIGHTING BRUSH. It’s made of goat hair and applies highlighter like a dream.

anyone (and everyone) who highlights needs this brush




5. M250-S- Detail Liner

C250-0e_largePRICE: $3

If you are a fan of gel liners- this is the brush for you girl. The bristle type is sable hair. This small brush is great for sharp and detailed lines; it’s very precise and very amazing.

if you always wing it out- I suggest you try this brush out



That’s a wrap. I hope you all enjoyed this brush list, here is a link to my top 5 foundations.

New post coming to you tomorrow!

Stay Golden,



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