AHH! So y’all, I have officially got hired at Ulta as a Beauty Advisor. AND I AM SO EXCITED! I love makeup as you all know, and I can’t wait to spend my days surrounded by it (and for those asking- yes, I will be keeping my other job at Ross).

Because I have officially completed the hiring process, I thought I would share some tips with you all how to score a job with the company!


1. Be YOU

I found that this was the most important. When working for a beauty company, I believe it is important to be confident, and unique in your own way. Beat your face to the GODS girl, and work it. When you walk into that interview, show who you are and why you love beauty.

2. Be Persistent

Now y’all- realize there is a fine line between persistence and annoyance. I suggest you wait at least a week after applying online to follow up. YES FOLLOW UP. The beauty industry is constantly growing, so in order to secure your spot, I strongly suggest you call or visit your Ulta to confirm they have received your application. Once again, be confident and polite- you want this job!

3. Be Honest

During the interview, the manager will ask you some simple customer service questions. I suggest you be as honest as possible, and really emphasize what you can do to help a customer and how you will react in certain situations. Remember- you should be able to deal with any type of customer and calling a manager for help should be the last option. Think strategically, and imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes. Customer service is difficult, I agree as I am currently working retail, but your main goal should be to strive to make every customer happy!

Along with customer service questions, my manager asked me what I could bring to Ulta and the company. Be sure to think about why you are applying and what you can bring to the company. It is your job to make others feel beautiful!

4. Be Interested

At the end of the interview, the manager will most likely ask if you have any questions about the hiring process or for them. In order to stand out in comparison to other applicants, I strongly suggest you ask some questions. Something along the lines of: “How long have you worked for this company?”, or “Why do you love working at Ulta Beauty?”. This will help you stand out and prove that you’re interested.


Those are all the tips I have for you all! Let me know in the comments below if you are applying, and what your favorite thing about Ulta is! I wish you the best of luck in the process, and if you have any questions you can always find the “contact me” tab in the menu bar.

May your highlight be as blinding as the sun,

Kels ♥

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