I want to first apologize for my lack of posts- because it is the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, being a college student is hell. I have finals. Wish me the best of luck. Once this mess is over, you can expect 3-4 posts weekly. Until then- hopefully, I stay sane. 


Okay, I know all my life I have looked at the nail section in my drugstore. I have always tried to do my own nails at home- but frankly, with every blood, sweat, and tear I put in I CANNOT paint my right nails as perfectly as my left. With all the tips and tricks, it sadly doesn’t cure my awful left-hand painting. For the past few months, I have been drowning my wallet for acrylics. Despite the harsh effects acrylic has had on my nails, I feel so much better with them on.

At this present moment, I’m currently looking at my naked nails, they look bland and unappealing.

I think it has become an obsession of mine to always have nicely manicured nails. BUT since I have been literally digging my grave for my fellow friend, debit card, I decided to pick up a DIY kit at Walmart and give it a go.


I decided on a cute set. Something simple, yet unique. The instructions were easy. Clean nail, push back cuticle, choose sizes for nail application, apply glue, and finally apply the nail. The only sucky part about this was there were only 2 sizes in each color, so since my fingers are super tiny, I had to make do with the size selection.


The nails came out fairly great- at first. The glue the nails came with worked well. The nails are extremely thin though- but it could just be me since I am used to the thickness of acrylics. The box claimed they last for up to a week, so I was not expecting some miracle, but I was at least hoping 5 days.



On day 2, the nails already started coming off and on day 3, all of the nails were off. I reapplied them with the nail glue again but no hope. They came right off within the hour. I was not doing anything that could have damaged them (I was binge watching tv shows with my brother, and preparing for our Thanksgiving feast).

Good news though, no damage to my nails, or no pain. Bad news: one day was the maximum time they lasted. I’m not sure why I thought these would work. I had such a high expectation. Frankly, I’m very disappointed.

For $7 I guess it depends on personal preference if you want to try this product or not. Personally, I will not buy this product again. But I can see why people would pick this up for a quick fix. The process is very easy and will last you for a day event at least.  Tell me if you have tried this product or something similar, and how it worked out for you! In the meantime, I think it’s time for me to make an appointment at my salon.

Thank you for reading,

Kels ♥


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