OMG guys, It’s been almost longer than a week since I have last posted. College life is literally stressing me out. I have 2 more finals next week, so I’m struggling to push through. But I got it, I CAN DO IT (what I tell myself every morning).

In the midst of my struggling, I got my hands on the raved about Jaclyn Hill palette.. finally. One look at this beauty- and I fell in love. I have been wanting this palette since it’s release, and GIRL it’s finally mine. The colors blend beautifully and have so much pigment, I cannot get enough.


With 35 different shades, there are colors that suit every look you desire. Day-time, night-time, and even pops of color- this palette has instantly become a staple in my makeup collection. For shade talk with Jaclyn Hill, click here. I’m excited to do tutorials using this palette, here’s a sneak peek of a look I recently did.


Tell me what you guys think! I really want to experiment with the bottom left side of this palette. Those blues are calling me!! I’m extremely happy with my purchase, and I think this would be a great gift for all those makeup lovers.


Are you a fan of this palette? What other palettes do I need to have in my collection? Let me know in the comments below!

More posts coming to ya,

Kels ♥

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