It is time to say goodbye to all the product soaked in your precious sponge of joy. If you are like me, your beauty sponge is your prized possession. The most important part of my makeup application process is my face. It needs to be the star of the show. I strive to look like a doll at all times- hey, I’m a full coverage gal, what can I say? I have learned the secret to all our problem girls. Two words. Listen up.




That’s it.

The end.

No, no, really though- hot water and bar soap are your best friends here. Go ahead and start your faucet and let it get warm. Once it is a warm temperature, wet the sponge until it is fully wet (as if you were just about to use it). Then, wet the bar soap, and while under the water, scrub the sponge. Don’t be afraid to use some muscle, you want to get as much leftover product out as possible. Keep scrubbing the sponge under the water until the water runs clear. And wa-la, you have done it.

You can now turn this:


Into this:


May all the leftover foundation be washed away.


Until next time, love you all,



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Youtube- Kelsey Joleen




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