Questioning Who I Am & Who I Desire to Be

oh boy. This topic has been something I have been wanting to blog about for a while now, I just have not gotten around to it. BUT HERE I AM. (finally- my apologies) it has been a hot minute since I have blogged. my life has been a hot mess- from my break up to … Continue reading Questioning Who I Am & Who I Desire to Be

My Bucket List

After contemplating my life for a few weeks, I ultimately decided a bucket list was the best way to approach my (worlds longest list of) goals. I will continue to edit and update this list as time goes on, but for now- here are some things I want to do in my lifetime. Get a … Continue reading My Bucket List

Breakfast at 8te

Breakfast, - or should I say brunch- 12 pm waffles and coffee. Yum. The scene of this cute eatery is unlike most of the restaurants here in Corpus Crusty (Christi). By far, this joint is one of my favs.   This was the first time I have eaten here for breakfast, but I was pleasantly … Continue reading Breakfast at 8te