Hi, I’m Jo and I have a passion for fashion.

I can admittedly say that the first thing I notice about someone is their clothing. 

With that being said, just know, if i dig what you’re wearing, I will compliment the heck out of ya (or i’ll get social anxiety and just stare at you from afar). 

I am a sucker for bright colors, bold patterns, and anything unique and original.  My favorite place to shop is definitely the thrift and as a broke college gal, you can always find me there.


Fashion is my creative outlet. It’s something I know will cheer me up, even on the hardest of days. 

I strive to make everyday a good outfit day. Whether it’s a plain tee & jeans or a full out dress and heels. I aim to dress to impress (myself) everyday. 

Fashion is all about you. If you like it, then wear it. Honestly screw other people’s opinions. If you wanna wear a fuzzy ass bright pink top, then you go girl. You wear that top and you rock it too. 

Not everyone will like your outfits and that’s completely okay. If you think you look damn good, then guess what? You look damn good. Fashion is about taking risks. Don’t be afraid to stand out. You deserve to be seen.

Be bold. Be unique. Be you. 


Stay golden,



lover of cute outfits from the thrift.
vintage denim makes butts look better.
classic combo. vintage jeans (from of course, the thrift) and a cute top from Forever 21.
definitely a more retro/oldies look. living for long sleeves under turtlenecks!! also, still loving the corduroy.
love this top from Forever 21. probably one of my favorite pieces. loafers are a nice vintage touch.
lover of polka dots.
vintage levi’s from the thrift? can we get a HELL YEAH? (hell yeah!!)
plaid for the win. always.
patterned pants. always.
mickey mouse top. yellow shorts. what else can I ask for?
am I the only one who wears pajama’s as a fashion statement?
by far, my favorite jeans to date. bell bottoms are the new skinny jeans.
funky patterns = happy kelsey
dress is thrifted. just like most clothing in my closet.

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